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Ultramarine Blue is a synthetic inorganic blue pigment consisting of a double silicate of aluminum and sodium with sulfide and occurs in nature as a component of the semi-precious stone, lapis lazuli.
Ultramarine Blue occupies a unique position in the blue color space that can not be reached by any other pigment or blend of pigments. The reddish undertone of Ultramarine Blue, highly appreciated both in mass tone and tint applications, makes the pigment clearly differentiated from any Blue Phthalocyanine and any Cobalt Blue, even if they are in combination with organic violet pigments as P.V.23 or P.V.19.
Ultramarine is the most suitable powdered coating. The results of anti weather ability in many applications show ultramarine is very good in the powdered coating.

Product NameColor Index No.Full ColorReduced ColorView
ULTRAMARINE BLUE LA-29-0501Pigment Blue 29Details>>
ULTRAMARINE BLUE LA-29-0502Pigment Blue 29Details>>
ULTRAMARINE BLUE LA-29-0503Pigment Blue 29Details>>
ULTRAMARINE BLUE LA-29-0504Pigment Blue 29Details>>
ULTRAMARINE BLUE LA-29-0505Pigment Blue 29Details>>
ULTRAMARINE BLUE LA-29-0506Pigment Blue 29Details>>
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