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Pigment Yellow 83

Product Name:
Trade Name: Permanent Yellow HR
C.I. Number: pigment yellow 83
CAS Number: 5567-15-7
EU Number: 226-939-8
Chemical Family: Disazo

Foreign relative brand:
1242 Yellow HR (DCC)
Chromofine Yellow 2700(L)(DNS)
Flexobrite Yellow AD (YCL)
Aquaflex Yellow R (TTC)
Aquanyl P Yellow HR 11-1476(CLAR)

Molecular Structure:

Pigment yellow 83

Pigment yellow 83 ;
Benzidine Yellow HR

Physical, Chemical and Fastness Properties:

Molecular Weight 818.49
Molecular Formula C36H32CI4N6O8
P.H. Value 6.0-7.0
Density 1.7
Oil Absorption(ml/100g)% 35-45
Light Fastness 8
Heat Resistance 210 (°C)
Water Resistance 5
Oil Resistance 5
Acid Resistance 5
Alkali Resistance 5


Benzidine Yellow HR is a semi-transparent yellow pigment with good resistance to both light and solvents.
Its main use is industrial paint, decorative paint, coil coating, offset ink, UV ink, water based ink, textile printing and PVC, RUB, EVA,PE.
Suggested for PP, PU.

Pigment Yellow 83's TDS Downlowd

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