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Pigment Red 49:1

Product Name
Trade Name: Lithol Red R
C.I. Number: pigment red 49:1
CAS Number: 1103-38-4
EU Number: 214-160-6
皇马电竞app Chemical Family: Mono azo

Foreign relative brand:
Irgalite Red LBO (CIBA)
Symuler Red 3016 (DIC)
Suthol Red (Barium)
Vilma Lithol Red BAN (VIL)
皇马电竞app Uni Lithol Red SC (UNI)

Molecular Structure:

pigment red 49:1

Pigment red 49:1;
Fast lithol Red R

Physical, Chemical and Fastness Properties:

Molecular Weight 822.16
Molecular Formula C40H26N4O8S21/2Ba
P.H. Value 7.0-8.0
Density 1.8
Oil Absorption(ml/100g)% 40-50
Light Fastness 5
Heat Resistance 160 (°C)
Water Resistance 3
Oil Resistance 3
Acid Resistance 5
Alkali Resistance 3


Fast lithol Red R is a bluish shade scarlet pigment, with good performance in offset inks.
Recommended for offset inks.
皇马电竞app Suggested for water based inks.

Pigment Red 49:1's TDS Downlowd

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