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Milori blue is a inorganic dark blue powder pigment, relative density of 1.8.
Milori blue is insoluble in water, ethanol and ether, but soluble in alkali. The hue is between dark blue and light blue, bright color, strong tinting strength, good dispersibility, high oil absorption, general hiding, with light fastness and dilute acid resistance, but it will be soluble in the boiled concentrated sulfuric acid, weak alkali resistance, dilute alkali also can make its dissolve, so cannot be used with alkaline pigment.
Milort blue widely used in coatings and printing inks etc, no bleeding. Usually used in paints with lead chrome yellow together, can be generated lead chrome green, but cannot be used in water-base paint. Used in plastis, cannot be used in PVC, but can be appropriate for LDPE and HDPE. Also can be used in architectural paints, paper etc.

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