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Our chrome pigment include: Chrome Yellow and Molybdate Orange (Molybdate Red).
Synthetic chrome yellow pigments are among several bright pigments with good hiding power that vary from light greenish yellow to reddish medium yellow, consisting essentially of normal lead chromate usually without extenders (such as barite or clay) but often other lead compounds (such as lead sulfate) for the lighter shades.
Widely Used in:
Solvent-base coatings and paints; alkydresin, amino-baking, epoxy etc.
Plastic: Masterbatch, cable material, plastic pipe and plastic film and sheet etc.
Also can be used in:
Polyurethane paint, architectural coatings, water-base coatings, color paste, leather, stationery and rubber etc.
Molybdate orange pigment is a brilliant orange pigment made by coprecipitation of lead chromate and lead molybdate often in the presence of lead sulfate and used in plastics, protective coatings and printing inks.
Molybdate orange has been widely used in coatings and plastics for many decades during the 20th century because of its bright color and high hiding power.

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Molybdate Orange
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